Our System

Low Moisure Carpet Cleaning.
Glenrothes Carpet Cleaning are one of a very few carpet cleaning companies on the uk who use low moisture encapsulation cleaning systems to clean carpets. Our Low moisture low moisture cleaning system can clean, deodorize and ad anti resoiling emulsifier to carpets all in the same process and carpets are ready to be walked on straight away. Most carpet cleaning companies leave your carpets wet meaning you cant put furniture back until the next day but as we have invested in the most advanced carpet cleaning systems in the world our customers can use there carpets within 30 minutes of cleaning.

We use a combination of high powered cleaning solutions and absorbent bonnets cleaning techniques to clean carpets leaving your carpets clean and fresh and ready to use immediately.

Above is one of our favourite water based carpet cleaning solutions. It is detergent and chemical free allowing our Glenrothes Carpet Cleaning technicians to provide a completely safe way of cleaning our customers carpets in Glenrothes. It is manufactured in west linton.